Vink LLC is the private Russian business focused on distribution of products and hardware for large format digital printing, engineering, sign-making & graphics.

Today Vink is:

  • More than 5000 customers from 80 cities of Russia;
  • More than 7000 m2 of well equipped high rack warehouses in Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • Successful distribution operations since 1997.


  • Regular stocks availability according to steady local demand;
  • Efficient logistics from any point of globe door to door;
  • Professional competence in products and applications best practices.

Supply range:

  • Large format digital printing solutions: inks, medias, hardware and service;
  • Plastic sheets;
  • Self-adhesive films;
  • Glues & double-side adhesive tapes;
  • Profile systems;
  • LED & lighting products;
  • Etc.